Live @ The Spartan Tone

by Magnificent Birds of Prey



The second completely live take of the "Aviator Glasses" & "Definition" mic'd and played together with no overdubs and performed at The Spartan Tone Studio.

Produced by: The Spartan Tone
Mixing & Recording Engineering by: Lyle Kelch Jr. and Carl Kunz Jr.
Mastering by: Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering

Performed by: Magnificent Birds of Prey in February of 2014
Carl Kunz Jr. - Guitar & Vocals
Jeffrey Hash - Bass
Joel Adams - Drums & Percussion
Lyle Kelch Jr. - Vocals & Guitar


released April 30, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Aviator Glasses and Definition
Lyrics by: Lyle Kelch Jr.

Aviator Glasses

"Aviator glasses, oh I can’t fly.

I could life myself up from the ash, into the sun.
Or go blind in the eyes and wait till I see…
you reaching out to me.

Aviator Glasses, oh I can’t fly.

I could sweat the dirt until I lie into the earth.
Or go headfirst take charge and maybe I’d see…
you standing here with me with me.

You take me away to a better place.
You can’t be afraid to make this flight with me."


"Always aiming, as we are torn through patterns.
So make your mark, leave all of the aiming behind.

Always crafting, as we are mold from plaster.
So make your mark, leave all of the shaping behind.

Always facing, a fools gold made of laughter.
So make your mark, paint me your portrait of time.

Tell me who you are, don’t be defined."